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New Cabins

When the Revive Camp Christy Campaign went into affect in 2015 a program called " Adopt a Cabin" went in place.  This program had little success and the cabins continue to deteriorate.  

In 2018 it was decided to pursue total replacement of the cabins.  

Fundraising is complete for this project!

Quote for project $230,000        Raised to date $268,376 

Below are pictures and text describing the need and solution for this project.  

Current Cabins

The Need

Cabins have Poor Foundations which have caused floors to be uneven and even have caused cracks/unsealed floors. 

Cabin doors have Broken Screens and doors that are not the proper size for the door frames.  This leads to lack of sealing which is not energy efficient and allows for insects/critters to sneak in. 

Due to a hail storm in May 2018 roofs need to be replaced again and the siding needs to be pressure washed and sealed.

The Bunk Beds are also deteriorating causing broken platforms for the mattresses.  They also  lack a proper guard rail and children have fallen off top bunks.

Our cabins to not allow for proper Accountability.  Directors are no longer able to find enough adults to have 2 adults per cabin. 

Cabins are not ADA accessible.

New Cabins


The Solution


Cabins will be torn down or sold and replaced with a new structure. 

One structure will be built in place of two cabins.


Buildings will be brand new with new foundations.  Construction, including new doors, windows, and siding, will be new with durable and energy efficient materials. 


Bunk Beds will be replaced with new beds with proper guard rails allowing for several inches of fall protection.  Mattresses will also be replaced with a thicker, more comfortable option and is vinyl for easy cleaning. 


Each building will have 2 cabins worth of beds in 2 rooms with a door in between.  Directors will continue to be mandated to find 1 cabin leader per room.  This will allow for 2 adults per building to provide better adult accountability. 


Cabins can be built with ramps and sidewalks to structures can be improved to allow for wheelchairs.  All cabins have an ADA approved foot print. 

We look forward to creating a safe and functional space for campers and guests to continue connecting with God and creating memories!

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