2018 Scott Community Giving Day:

Give to Camp Christy!


Last year we participated in the Scott Community Giving Day and we were able to raise over $14,500.  It was our plan that the money raised last year be put towards an end of year deficit.  However, our deficit was alleviated by additional funds and we were able to leave the money raised in an investment account through the Foundation.    


We have been blessed in recent years through the generosity of many to enhance the buildings here at Camp Christy to be more efficient in purpose and energy.  As we continue to move forward we see we have additional needs in this area as buildings continue to deteriorate despite maintenance efforts.  Some are even in severe disrepair and are no longer meeting the needs of Camp Christy and its managers, volunteers, campers, guests, and even equipment. 


Our Revive Campaign was put in place to meet the needs of building projects and therefore will be the focus of this year’s Giving Day Campaign.  You can learn more about the Revive program and some of its specific projects at https://www.campchristy.net/revive-camp-christy


Your donation of any amount will be subject to matching funds.  The amount of matching funds is unknown, but the Scott Community Foundation is working hard to increase them!


Our Goal is to Raise $20,000 for the Revive Campaign on Giving Day! 


How you can help Camp Christy! 

  1. Make a donation through the Scott Community Foundation. (starting as small as $10) to Camp Christy on November 19th, 2018 in person at the Scott Community Foundation or online at http://scottcf.org/give-now/ before 5 p.m.   Write your checks to Scott Community Foundation and write “Camp Christy Fund” in the memo. 

  2. Make a Donation directly to Camp Christy.  You can also donate directly to Camp Christy any time by writing a check or donating securely at https://www.campchristy.net/365. 

  3. Spread the word. Tell your friends, post on Facebook, and tweet about it.  This is a wonderful opportunity for Scott Community non-profits to engage new donors as well as build community as a whole! 




If you want to watch the excitement surrounding this day you can log onto www.scottcf.org/giving-day and watch the total number and value of donations climb. 


Give where you live and support local nonprofits, like Camp Christy that are doing good and important work in our community!  

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