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Humble Beginnings Remodel Project

"Your Beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be."  Job 8:7





All the buildings in the Humble Beginnings Remodel project have been on the property for as long as approximately 80 years or less.  There is an attachment to these buildings and we desire to rekindle more attachment for the purpose of getting these buildings updated so they remain functional.  Through this program we are hoping to gain donors and volunteers who are willing to take on these projects that are not within the scope of the Camp's operational budget.  

By volunteering time and resources those who serve at Camp Christy have an opportunity to grow closer to Christ as well as each other.   Volunteering with your church is a great way to bridge the gap between generations.   

Below is a list of buildings and ideas. If you or a group feel led to join Camp Christy with any of these please contact us

November Dining Hall 3.jpg

Plans for Dining Hall Entry in Progress

more dirt work.jpg

Dining Hall

There are 4 phases of the Dining Hall Remodel Project.  

Phase 1:  New Siding

Removed exterior siding and roof metal, install insulation, replace with new siding and roof metal.  This project was completed in 2015.

Phase 2:  Kitchen Remodel

All of the old cabinetry was removed along with a center wall.  New cabinets and counter tops were installed, spray foam insulation was installed and then walls were painted a lighter color and a new hood was installed over the stove.  Also, new appliances were bought.  The kitchen is now more functional for cooking for large groups.  This project was completed in 2017.

Phase 3:  Dining Hall Interior.  

The old paneling was removed, spray foam insulation installed, sheet rock placed and painted a light color, new ceiling tiles and ceiling fans.  The interior of the Dining Hall is now brighter and more energy efficient.  This project was completed in 2018.  

The first three phases of this project are completely paid for.  We praise God for the faithfulness of His contributors.  

Phase 4:  Enclosed Entry-In Progress

An enclosed entry way will be added to the front of the Dining Hall.  This will allow for increased energy efficiency as it will keep the sunlight and weather off the front door.  Once completed it will increase the outside aesthetics.  This project will be completed by Spring 2019.

Other Dining Hall Projects:


Some other project ideas that have been presented are repaint and soundproofing the rec. room and repainting the floor of the dining area.  If either of these ideas sound like a project for you or your group please contact us.



The ABM of Hutchinson have done some work on our behalf and have air conditioners priced with money we have set aside for units.  Funds have also been pledged for the electrical work needed to get these units functional.  

It is our plan to have the Chapel air conditioned by Spring 2019.  

Chapel Bathrooms

The bathroom behind the chapel is another matter.  Currently this building is non functional but the ABM of Hays have shown interest in taking on this project.  If you are interested in helping them in any way contact us.

Old Pool

The old pool has been filled with dirt and fescue has been planted.  The old pool house contains rec equipment and lawn games that are open to all guests.  


There are bathrooms on the north side of this building.  The septic lines were not connected to the new septic systems.  It is unclear when these lines will be connected.  


Girls Spa and Boys Swamp

When the new Girls shower house was built these buildings lost their function and now sit empty except for some storage.  In Camp Christy's desire to use what God has given us we would like to see the buildings have a new and better function.  One plan has been to renovate these buildings into more cabin space.  The Girls Spa has the potential to be made into an all seasons cabin with three rooms and a private bathroom.  The Boys Swamp would probably be an oversized cabin but would give us options for some of the smaller groups that come to visit.  If you or group would like to breathe some new life into these building please contact us.

Sweet Shack (Country Store)

Thanks to the ABM of Hays the Sweet Shack has a new floor and a renovated nurse's station.  Now we have just one more room we think needs attention.  The upstairs was the former home of Camp Directors but with the housing of merchandise and for safety reasons we can no longer allow it to be sleeping quarters.  One plan for this room is to use it as gathering place for those partaking of the Sweet Shack.  It would be like an observation deck and can provide a place for kids when in the rare event of a rain shower during Sweet Shack time.   The main needs here would be repairing of the wall in the stair way, giving it a new coat of paint, and some new flooring.  If this sounds like a project you would want to participate with please contact us.

Old Dining Hall

Many a great story has been told about the original dining hall by those who dined here in their younger days.  However aside from the airsoft locker, being used for crafts, and staging for Airsoft matches this build does not meet its full potential.  With some new electrical, flooring, windows, and plugging up some holes this building could be a great party room.  Having an updated building for fellowship space would give Camp Christy additional rental revenue as well resurrecting Camp Christy's history.  

Missionary Cabin

Missionaries used to be housed here when they came during camping season.  Camp Christy is not planning to make this sleeping quarters again but instead has thought of making it a hiking trail head with a small museum, that could be used as a place for group devotions.  This building needs some cleaning as well as brush removal and stairs upkeep.  


These sheds are in disrepair and are no longer meeting the needs of the managers and equipment.  

Currently, we are in the conceptual stage of designing and pricing a new storage barn that would house all the equipment and vehicles for Camp Christy including an office.  

Details about this project should be made available by December 2018.  

Davidson Cottage

This was one of the first buildings used at Camp Christy.  Managers would be housed here during camping season.  Now it is used by camp directors, volunteers, and guests.  Thanks to the ABM this cottage has a nice bathroom.  Any additonal work would be cosmetic such as patching holes and painting.

Staff Cabins

In the past these buildings were where the staff was housed during he summer.  Currently they are being used for couples during family reunions or for volunteers/staffs of other Camp Christy rentals.  

Both these buildings are also facing disrepair, especially the south building.  Needs include paint, new floors, carpet, new foundations, new roofs.  

If you or your group would like to claim or help with any of the projects please contact Camp Christy and we will get you setup.  Follow all progress on Facebook.

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