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365 Program

Where a week of Camp is MORE than a week at Camp

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Accept the Camp Christy 365 challenge:


-By giving a monthly or one time gift

 Every dollar we receive is an investment in the spiritual lives of young believers.


-By joining our Camp Christy 365 Prayer Team

 Members commit to praying for God's provision for the camp and intercede weekly for

 campers during the camping season.


-By staying informed via Facebook or email

 Hear in real time about the progress of Camp Christy 365 and recieve updates about the

 camping season and special projects  There is an offficial Camp Christy page on

 Facebook.  Press "like" to recieve updates directly from the Camp Christy Board on your

 Facebook newsfeed.


-By becoming a Camp Christy Ambassador

 Ambassadors will make sure that their congregations are informed about the

 progress of Camp Christy 365 and promote the camp to kids in the church.


-By adding your name to our volunteer list

 We'll call you if there are needs in your area of expertise

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