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The managers of Camp Christy will be hosting scheduled work days.  The purpose of these work days is to deep clean and organize buildings, paint, trim trees, repair buildings, etc... 

If you are interested in learning first hand of these work days email the managers of the camp and you will be added to their email list



Work Days


Individual/Group Work Retreats

Individuals and groups might be interested in coming out the camp to not only provide service to the camp but also to commune with God privately or as a group.  Work retreats are a great way to build bridges between generations.   


If you are interested in scheduling your own personal or group fellowship time to come and work at the camp email or call the managers of the camp and you will be scheduled!




There are many projects at the camp that do not have adequate funding to complete successfully.  Camp Christy welcomes any individuals or groups who have a talent or interest in fundraising.


Please contact the Camp Christy managers or a member of the board of directors if you would like to serve in this area!

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