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About Camp Christy


Our Mission Statement

Camp Christy is Christ's facility used to impact the lives of people into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ for the sake of His Glory.


Camp Christy is a 100 acre camp ground purchased by the American Baptist Churches of the Central Region back in 1929.  Since then ownership of the camp has past to the Western Area churches of that Region.  The camp is governed by a Board of Directors who meet regulary striving to reach the goal stated in our mission.  Camp Christy is a non-profit organization falling under the American Baptist Churches USA umbrella.


Camp Christy has been used by Christ to touch the lives of many children and adults.  Christ shows His support of Camp Christ through the generously support of these touched lives with their continual prayers, petitions, services, and finances.  If you have been one of these touched lives and with to support Camp Christy check out our Opportunites, 365, and Revive pages.

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