Legacy Leader Training

 Set Apart

November 11-12

“Today Campers, Tomorrow’s Leaders, God’s Legacy”

Mission statement:  to train campers, youth, and young adults to carry on the legacy of camping, evangelism, discipleship, and missions to the next generation.

This Overnight camp is designed for leaders for Camp Christy but also for any one wanting to lead in their community, school, churches, and the mission field.  The overnight stay is optional.  

We will be looking deeper into how we can be set apart for Holy Work.  We will be using the Word to see how Jesus was the ultimate leader in counter-culture.  

Minors are encouraged to fill out the application with their parents.


New participants will need a letter of reference.  

Applicants who are pre-selected at Central Region Camping support staff/volunteers are encouraged to come.

Reference Form


Online Reference Form