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“Today Campers, Tomorrow’s Leaders, God’s Legacy”

Mission statement:  to train campers, youth, and young adults to carry on the legacy of camping, evangelism, discipleship, and missions to the next generation.

The theme for 2024 is "REPRESENT."  We are going to dive into the Word and study what it means to represent Jesus in all we do and say in all circumstances.  

Our first event of 2024 will be January 26-27th with additional events in the spring.  

This training is not mandatory for those serving during the 2024 Camping Season.

The document to the right is our latest "Qualifications for Leadership."   


Friday, January 26th


5-7PM Registration and Fellowship

7PM Supper

8PM Introduction of 2024 Theme

9PM  Sectional Planning

10-11:30 PM Free Time/Night Games

11:30 PM-Room Time-Living area cleared


Saturday, January 27th


8:30 AM Breakfast

9:30 AM  Theme Biblical Content

10:30 PM Camp Christy Recreational Planning

12:30 PM Lunch

1:30 PM Bible Trivia

2:00 PM 2024 Camp Discussion/Planning

3:00 PM Theme Biblical Content

4:00 PM Introduction of Online Study

4:30-6PM Free Time

6PM Supper and dismissal

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