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Archery Camp

Dates July 17-20, 2023

$150 per registrant


Registration Open!

*This class will have a 15 camper maximum


During Archery camp children and adult sponsors alike will learn and improve their abilities to shoot a bow through various drills.  Each drill will be about an hour in duration and will be used to encourage fellow archers as campers will not only be required to shoot their bow but also to assist others.  Cabin versus cabin competitions will follow each drill to allow for practical application of new found skills. 


In evening  sessions campers will learn more about the historical use and the technology of archery as well as fundamental teachings of Christ.  All evening sessions are required attendance in order to participate in archery sessions the next day. 


Campers will also be given private time for morning devotions to reflect. 


Each archer will be shooting several arrows a day which can wear on shoulder, arm, and back muscles and joints.  Those with previous injuries are welcome to attend but should only participate as much as can be tolerated.  There will not be an athletic trainer available.  The camper will need to discuss any concerns with the camp nurse or managers. 


Bows and Arrows


For 2023 will request that campers bring safety equipment but NOT bows and arrows.  Camp Christy has a variety of bows and arrows that will correctly teach and solidify skills learned at Archery Camp.  

Safety equipment includes finger guards and wrist bracers.  


If you have any questions please call the managers for guidance at 620-872-3025.  You can also email at  Mail all forms to address on Contact page.


Camp Christy does have bows and arrows in stock and will provide them to anyone needing them. 


Paid Cabin Leader


We are needing one female and one male to serve as a cabin leader for this camp.  This payment is $300.

These volunteers will be expected to be upstanding and of good character, assertive (needs to be display authority over pre-teens and teens, responsible, and have a growing relationship with the Lord.  

If interested in serving as a cabin leader please apply here.  

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