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2023 Scott Community Giving Day

November 14, 2023

Give to the Camp Christy Fund!

2019-2022 Giving Day Totals for Programming is $46,393.39!

Accomplishments of the Camp Christy Programming Budget funded through Giving Day in 2022:


  1. Purchase adequate and engaging supplies for Special Needs Camp, Family Camp, Archery Camp, Creation Bible Camp, and Homeschool Days.

  2. Pay the Camp Christy Worship Team.

  3. Pay a qualified nurse for two additional weeks of camp.

  4. Give bonuses for cabin leaders who stayed for additional weeks of camp.

  5. Purchase grain tarp for a full summer of a fun homemade water slide. 

  6. Purchase digital and paper materials for year-long Bible Study for Legacy Leadership Team. 

  7. Fund Legacy Leadership Weekends and also sent some leaders to New Life Ranch for professional development through the Christian Camp and Conference Association Conference. 

  8. Purchase chickens and 9 months of feed and other supplies.  The chickens are now laying and “earning” some of their feed costs back! 

  9. Feed and shelter 2 goats donated by a past camper/staff family.  This mother and daughter duo, renamed Ruth and Naomi, put smiles on the faces of many children through camps and educational activities! 

  10. Host world-renowned IF Local and There(4)Gathering Locally.  We already have registered as a 2024 IF Local site! 


We want to keep with this recent tradition and continue to raise funds for programming at Camp Christy! 


Last year we were hoping to add horses to Camp Christy but God spoke through circumstances and prayer and we have tabled that ministry for now.  However, we want to continue adding on to our newly established Camp Christy farm.  We have seen this summer how campers really gravitate and are settled by the touch of animals.  We were able to “buy time” with 2 specific homesick campers with a trip to where the animals reside.  The goats have also proved valuable for lawn care and can often be seen grazing around the Amy House, swimming pool, and outdoor recreation area.  The coolest thing about these living “mowing” creatures is they eat poison ivy! 


We also see a need and desire for more year-round, non-animal activities at Camp Christy.  Board members and campers alike have become fond of the idea of bringing a jumping pillow to Camp Christy.  This low maintenance attraction can be used during most weather conditions and comes with minimal risk. 


Another activity we are looking into is Archery Tag.  We rented Archery Tag during Family Camp and participants age 3-40+ were able to play together safely.  This is also something that can be used year-round during dry to mostly dry days…which we know Kansas has a lot of!  Every time we rent Archery Tag it costs $500.  If Camp Christy had it’s own set we could use it when we wanted and would not have to worry about it’s availability from the rental organization.  We can use it for revenue as well if we rent it out onsite and offsite.  Archery Tag is $5000 to purchase but no annual licenses apply for non-profits!  Check it out at


The managers, Steve and Danielle, will be attending the National Christian Camp and Conference Association Conference in Colorado Springs in November!  There will be countless vendors for fun and exciting activities and tools that can be used for camping ministry!  With a healthy programming fund we can bring these resources back, often with association discounts, and make them happen on site!  The timing is perfect!


As always, we dream big and hope you dream with us.  Below are some ideas we have had on future programming. 


Bullet point denotes this has been accomplished!  

  • Continued Archery Camps

  • Continued Special Needs Camp

  • Continued Women’s Self-Defense Camp

Continued Men’s/Women’s Journey Camps

Men’s Defender Camp

  • Men’s and Women’s Retreats

Praise and Worship Camp

Sports Camps

Canvas Art classes

  • Freezer Meal Cooking Retreats

  • Horse/Animal Programs

Hunter Safety Courses/Camps

Marriage Retreats

Camps for foster children/families

  • Fundraising events




Bonus Funds will be given be given based off of total donations and amount raised. 

Our Goal is to raise at least $20,000 for Camp Christy Programming!


How you can help Camp Christy? 

  1. Make a donation through the Scott Community Foundation. (Starting as small as $10) to Camp Christy on November 14th, 2023, in person at the Scott Community Foundation (424 South Main) or online at between 8AM and 5 p.m.   Write your checks to Scott Community Foundation and write “Camp Christy Fund” in the memo. 

  2. Make a Donation directly to Camp Christy.  You can also donate directly to Camp Christy any time by writing a check or donating securely at

  3. Spread the word. Tell your friends, post on Facebook, and tweet about it. This is an opportunity to, be a part of a community building event!


I will give updates throughout the day on Camp Christy’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages! 


Give where you live and support local nonprofits, especially Camp Christy as we are doing the work of Jesus!


Thank you!

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