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2022 Scott Community Giving Day

November 15, 2022

Give to the Camp Christy Fund!

2019-2021 Giving Day Totals for Programming is $24,562!

Accomplishments of the Camp Christy Programming Budget funded through past Giving Days in 2022:


  1. Purchase adequate and engaging supplies for Special Needs Camp, Family Camp, and Archery Camp.

  2. Pay the Camp Christy Worship Team.

  3. Pay a qualified nurse for one additional week of camp.

  4. Pay the salary of the Assistant Program Manager. 

  5. Give bonuses for cabin leaders who stayed for additional weeks of camp.

  6. Help with some repair costs to the swimming pool. 

  7. Purchase digital and paper materials for year-long Bible Study for Legacy Leadership Team. 

  8. Fund Legacy Leadership Weekends. 

  9. Held our first freezer meal cooking retreat. 

  10. Held/Scheduled our first two Homeschool Days.

BIG NEWS for 2022 Giving Day Funds for Camp Christy!

We are working to bring horses to Camp Christy for year round ministry!  Giving Day funds will help use with start up costs such as fencing, a simple shelter and storage, and other educational/tack equine equipment.  

Give on November 15th between 8 AM and 5PM at!

Camp Christy has the opportunity for bonus funds on this day!   

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