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Boys Shower House-Completed


Due to some old cast iron pipes and a cracked floor the roots from the tree line which protects the building from the elements have invaded the building and done damage to the floor.  This damage has created bigger cracks and heaving of the floor which has affected the its ability to drain water into the drains.  Even though we have been able to update the sewer system upto the shower house there is still cast iron plumbing under the slab needing to be replaced.  So we have decided that it would be in our best interest to replace the building.


The Lord has blessed us in this decision as He helped us to  raise the $108,000 need to do this.  Camp Christy would very much like to thank all those that followed the Lord's leading in this.  Due to scheduling and the need to still have a bath house for the boys this summer construction will begin sometime in mid-late August.  We ask for continual prayers for this project during construction and join us in praising God for getting us this far.


You can follow the progress of this project on Facebook.  Check back with us in the Fall to see the "after" picture.


The Boy Shower House was finished and Dedicated on Spring 2016

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