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New Kitchen for Dining Hall-Completed!

The kitchen in the dining hall is needing to be updated!  This kitchen was built in the 1960s and even has the cabinets from the original kitchen! 

The original bid for this project was $72,000.  We have raised approximately $77,500.  We are planning to raise above and beyond to compensate for added spray foam insulation and other extra costs!

Open to see new floor plan!

The appliance above are either not up to code or are no longer energy efficient  or functional for the purpose they are needed for.  The freezers will be replaced with a 1-bank and a 2-bank upright freezer.  The stove will be replaced with a 4 burner/36 inch griddle.  The hood is no longer to code and will be replaced with a brand new hood and stainless steel backsplash. 

These outdated, stained, and broken cabinets, sinks, and drawers will be replaced with custom cabinetry with a counter top that is easy to clean.  This will be a much needed functional and aesthetic makeover! 

The interior wall in this kitchen makes for poor lighting.  We plan to knock it out and replace it with an island.  The second picture shows the cooler unit which opens into a back room.  This unit will be moved to open into the interior.  An enclosed pantry will be constructed where the deep freeze currently sits.  The cleaning closet will also have a make over with enclosed walls! 

Pictures after Remodel

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