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Adopt a Cabin

Update October 2018:

Due to the continuing deterioration of cabins including foundations and structural damage we are in the Conceptual Phase of REPLACING cabins and bunk beds instead of repairing them.  

We hope to have solid information including floor plans, budgets, and fundraising information in place by December 2018.

Originally individual American Baptist Churches had each built a cabin.  Our hope was to bring this concept back.  The existing cabins are in poor repair.  The cabins are needing things like new roofs, new flooring, re-stained, and many other structural and cosmetic repairs.


The goal is find groups/individuals who would like to adopt one of our current 13 cabins.  The camp managers would keep you inform of what work is needed and the costs.  Camp Christy intends on keeping each cabin the same in appearance and function and would strive to find solutions that would be cost effective.


What is expected of the adoptee:


  Funding and/or Fundraising to meet the financial needs of the cabin


  Pray for the cabin and the work Christ will do with it


What is not expected but would be appreciated of the adoptee:


  Participate in the work done to the cabin


  Act as a cabin leader during any of the camps using the cabin


What will Camp Christy give to the adoptee:


  Keep adoptee informed of experiences that come about because of cabin


  Encourage those staying in the cabin to write to adoptee about there experience

  because of the cabin


If you are being led to join us in this program or would like to ask a question contact us by phone or email.

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