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Job Title:  Paid Cabin Leader


Position:           Seasonal/Varied May-August (1-9 weeks)


  • Demonstrate a passion for youth and the spiritually lost

  • 18 years and older

  • Must complete Legacy Leader Training

  • Mature and responsible

  • Ability to work independently

  • Physical Stamina and Good Health

  • Prior CPR, Rockwall, and Lifeguard certified a plus


  • Keep campers safe emotionally, spiritually, and physical through appropriate interactions and supervision.

  • Attend required trainings before camping season begins.  This includes Rockwall training, possibly lifeguard training, CPR, Child Protection Training, Child Abuse and Neglect, Leadership and Biblical Training. 

  • Overnight supervision of cabins when needed

  • Assist in executing programming including Biblical Teaching, cabin devotions, art projects, games, etc…

  • Facilitate Rockwall sessions as scheduled under direction of Rockwall Supervisor

  • Lead camper cleaning teams once per day in assigned area

  • Assist ABCCR staff when needed

Interview Process:

  • Application will include 3 letters of recommendation

  • Initial Interview with Program and Assistant Manager

  • 2rd Interview with Board of Directors or select Board of Directors/ABCCR persons of interest

Reports to:

  • Camp Christy Managers

  • Camp Christy Board of Directors


Additional Leadership Qualifications

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