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"Drop and Shop"
Christmas Camp Fundraiser
December 9, 2023

Kids are invited to a day of camp that will include meals, snacks, crafts, games, music, and most important, rich Nativity content! 

In return, parents can start or finish Christmas shopping, wrap presents, clean their house, go on a date with their spouse, take a nap, or whatever they need to do while the kids are away. 

This fundraiser is for chilren ages infant-12 years old.  Camp Christy staff are CPR certified and confortable taking care of kids of all ages.   

Children who are older than 12 but have needs that alter their chronological age are welcome to attend.   Please contact Danielle at 785-365-9399 to discuss.  

There are two price options for this camp and are as follows:

1.  Optimal Donation Camp Registration Fee - $50 

2.  Registration Fee -$35

We want to optimize this fundraiser but also want to make it affordable for your family!  

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