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Camp registration is open to all school age children (including recently graduated). Those older than
school age may be considered pending interview with the director. Camp studies will include a mix
of chess study and study of Biblical themes that relate the study of chess to the study of God’s Word.
Campers will learn how dedication to studying chess theory to improve their game can also be
related to studying the Bible to improve themselves as Christians and individuals.

Campers are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet to camp as around 80% of chess
analysis will be conducted digitally thanks to the power of chess computers and databases. Campers
will be expected to follow along with lessons on their own devices as well as practice inputting and
analyzing their own games digitally.


Organizational Connections:
Chess rules, ratings, and officiation in the tournament stage of camp will be provided by the United
States Chess Federation (USCF) represented by Malachi Massey of the University of Arkansas
Chess Club. All campers will be given an official USCF profile valid for one (1) year of play as part of
the price of attendance.
Online chess play will be facilitated on, a public, but monitored, chess website. does offer paid analysis tools that are very helpful for the study of chess but will not be
required for campers.
Online chess analysis will be facilitated on, a public chess organization dedicated to
providing free chess services. All aspects of are free, but still public like
Offline chess analysis will be facilitated on ChessBase, a professional chess analysis program.
ChessBase will not be required for campers and will be provided by the director, however
ChessBase is very effective in helping students of chess who want to play professionally.
Students will be taught the skills necessary to analyze chess positions using these tools in the way
that the world’s strongest chess players do.

Registration is $25

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